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An AI Word Processor

All of the actions below, except 🤖 🐂 💩 BS with a "bot", require you to select text in the writing area before triggering them. Sometimes you'll want to select everything you've written (ctrl+a). Other times you'll want to select a paragraph, sentence, or word. All of these, except 📖 Define word/phrase, expect a sentence or more. Failure to select enough text may cause hallucinations. To understand what's going on here, and how to make your own AI word processor, check out Build an AI-Augmented Word Processor.

Note: I prepaid for some LLM usage. Once that runs out, visitors will have to point to their own LLMs when prompted. Here's what you need to use OpenAI.

If you're in the middle of a chat below, and you want to restart, just refresh this page. The text in the text area will be saved.

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