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Roll a D20

This short scene is part of a larger set of examples. See Narrative Quanta: LLMs as RPG Building Blocks. Generate the outcome of a scene for a role-playing game.

Players of table-top role-playing games (RPGs) will recognize the following exchange as an ability check. At their simplest, they involve rolling a 20-sided dice (d20) and comparing the outcome with a difficulty class to see if a player is successful. Difficult tasks have high difficulty classes. So they require players to get higher rolls.

Your name is Alex. You are a non-magical human working in an office run by dragons. After expressing what you would like to do, you will be provided with the outcome of your roll. This includes the number you rolled as well as the difficulty class for the task at hand and the ultimate outcome. Try your hand at everything from "getting a cup of coffee" to "slaying a dragon."

Note: I prepaid for some LLM usage. Once that runs out, visitors will have to point to their own LLMs when prompted. Here's what you need to use OpenAI.

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