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Chat with some of my scholarly works

Headshot of the author, Colarusso. As a Practitioner-in-Residence, I'm not expected to publish scholarly works in the same way as my doctrinal colleagues. This is one reason the projects section of this site has so many entries. However, occasionally, I do something that looks like legal scholarship. To make these easier to engage with, I've turned some into "chatbots." I walk through how I did this here.

Keep in mind, these are based on the text of my preprints, and the tech I'm using can "hallucinate." You should treat their output as you would any secondary source. If you see anything that piques your interest, check the primary source to confirm it. You can find the full papers on my Google Scholar listing.

Note: I prepaid for some LLM usage. Once that runs out, visitors will have to point to their own LLMs when prompted. Here's what you need to use OpenAI.

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